ACM offers a different approach for Canadian investors

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Commercial mortgages are not “the market”

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No loan losses in any
ACM fund

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ACM funds have generated over $700 million of income for our investors

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Who we are

In 1992, Gord and Al were presented with an opportunity to manage $22 million of investment capital on behalf of three British Columbia pension plans in the newly created Mortgage Fund One. The mandate: provide the Fund’s investors with capital protection while generating a yield premium over Government of Canada Bonds. This would be accomplished by creating and growing investment pools of commercial mortgages secured by high quality, Canadian real estate properties and projects to invest this capital in. Recognizing the potential, Gord and Al founded ACM Advisors Ltd.

Fast forward to September 2012, Mortgage Fund One celebrated its twentieth year of generating yield premium while protecting investors capital. With this track record, ACM has grown into a leader within the Canadian commercial real estate mortgage sector. The entrepreneurial spirit that gave rise to the management of Mortgage Fund One continues to define ACM. Innovative investment strategies including Mortgage Fund Two, Debenture Fund One, and the ACM Commercial Mortgage Fund have helped shape the Canadian commercial mortgage landscape while meeting investors requirements for unique and rewarding fixed income products.

What we do

ACM Advisors specializes in the origination, underwriting and administration of commercial mortgages and debt instruments for the Canadian commercial real estate market. The company currently manages four investment funds aggregating to over $2 billion of assets on behalf of pension plans, health and welfare plans, foundations, investment funds, corporations, and high net worth individuals.  All investments are prudently underwritten in accordance with ACM Advisors’ comprehensive underwriting guidelines contained in its proprietary risk rating system. The combination of our experience, disciplined underwriting and strong governance has resulted in our 20+ year track record of no loan losses in any of our funds.


Company Milestones

Since 1992, ACM has grown from $22 million assets under management in Mortgage Fund One to over $2 billion assets under management, representing over 2,000 investors in four pooled investment funds as of December 31, 2015. These are some of our key milestones during these 20+ years.